Calperum Flux Tower

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6 responses to “Calperum Flux Tower

  1. I like it. Good to see the nitty gritty of getting stuff done.

    (Sorry I overlooked before. Only noticed “No comments” when I scrolled past.)

  2. hi Tim thanks for the link , what are the tree pronged opposing sensors , how do they work ?

    • That sensor is called a Sonic Anemometer. Where Cup and Vane wind sensors can only give wind speed and direction in 2D, this sonic unit can also provide the up-down dimension, allowing us to measure the chemistry of the air as it leaves or enters the environment / atmosphere. It provides data at 10 Hz (10 times a second), as does the Infra-red gas analyser next to it, together providing around 2Gig of data per month.

      • Ok very interesting I will have to google “Sonic Anemometer” now as Iam very intrigued by it .
        how many Flux Towers are being built ? are they expensive ?
        This sort of research is great to provide a greater understanding of our climate and local ecosystems .


      • On the Ozflux site, they show a number of the sites active, but not all of them. I think, within the next year or so, we should have nearly 20 sites across Aust and NZ. They can be quite expensive, however, Campbell scientific are trialling a new unit that combines the Sonic Anemometer with the IRGA and reduces the cost (these are by far the most expensive components of flux monitoring). I’m keeping an eye on this, as we hope to expand and if we can fit another unit into the budget, it would be great to build up a transect towards the Murray and get a good feel for how the floodplain environment works.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to explain , theres still so much to learn about the enviroment we rely on and I hope these new instruments speed things up abit before its to late .

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